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  • Why vintage?

    Promoting fashion as a way of self
    expression and identity while rejecting the fast fashion industry that is a threat to human rights and has a negative impact on our planet.
    Vintage pieces are unique, fulfilled
    with stories and helps to give
    your style character.

  • Hand-Picked

    Choosing quality over quantity.

    We don't buy in bulk, every item is hand-picked and curated with love, one of a kind garments picked exclusively for you based on its uniqueness that captures the essence of our shop.

  • Small Business

    Woman-Owned business.

    By purchasing in this shop you are helping an independent business owner follow her dreams.

    When you buy from a small business, your purchase – no matter how big or small – means a great deal.

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  • Washing Vintage

    - For vintage pieces we always recommend gentle wash with light gentle detergent and skip tumble dry.
    - Not all fabrics can be washed in the traditional sense, velvet for example has unique requirements, so let a professional dry cleaner treat them.
    - Make sure to follow the steps on the instructions tag when possible (unfortunately often second-hand clothing is missing tags)

  • Store Vintage

    - Keep your vintage pieces in a dry, dust-free place away from direct sunlight.
    - Humidity or damp will damage delicate fibers, and sunlight can fade prints and colours.
    - Keep vintage clothes stored where they can breathe, not in plastic covers.
    - Refrain from hanging your items on metal hangers, instead use wooden ones to distance the material from rust and discoloration.

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